Plastic Health Summit 2019


We eat, drink and breathe microplastics. Does that make us sick?
This conference brings you the state-of-the-art of research on micro- and nanoplastics and health. Prominent scientists from all over the world will inform you about the latest findings in flamboyant short science talks.
  • Get the first results of fifteen groundbreaking research pilots, that started early 2019, and more.
  • Be witness of emerging evidence of known health effects from - by example - BPA, PFAS, phthalates and other chemical additives in plastics in our daily life.
  • Learn more about global and EU policy opportunities and recommendations.
  • Join the discussions during break-out sessions with representatives from big industry and influencers. Be part of the change in the way we look at (micro & nano)plastics.



Do you want to participate, please click here. When your registration is approved you will receive a link to buy a ticket.